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CS Stabby

Price: $250.00 (G10/Hybrid handle)

OAL: 7”

Handle length:

Blade length:

Thickness: .18-.20



Handle types: G10 and Hybrid (thin G10 wrapped in paracord) limited color options available for both handle types

Sheath: kydex sheath with inner felt lining, ambidextrous carry in the vertical or horizontal position

About the CS Stabby

Named after my good friend Craig Staley who enjoys racing his corvette on the circuit tracks around the US, hunting big game and is an extremely proficient long range rifle shooter. Craig and I have shared many years of training and now hunting together and appreciate all his support and friendship. 


The CS-Stabby is a Tanto blade with a forward bolster which gives a distinct look as well as keeping the initial wound channel wider making for a very nasty. The CS-Stabby is a workhorse blade making it great for everyday use as well as a defensive carry option.

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