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FD Stabby

Price: $250.00 (G10/Hybrid handle)

OAL: 7”

Handle length:

Blade length:

Thickness: .18-.20



Handle types: G10 and Hybrid (thin G10 wrapped in paracord) limited color options available for both handle types

Sheath: kydex sheath with inner felt lining, ambidextrous carry in the vertical or horizontal position

About the FD Stabby

Named after the late Frank Desomma, founder of Patriot Ordnance Factory aka POF-USA ( Frank was one of my most cherished friends and a man respected by so many in the firearms community. A staunch Patriot without a filter when it came to expressing his constitutional feelings that usually couldn’t have been said better by The Founding Fathers. Frank was a devoted family man who got to experience the pride and love of his wife, his son, his daughters and the grandchildren they brought him. 


Frank was also known as Mr. Patriot and that’s why FD with red white and blue handle is the only STA blade that bears the American flag on each one produced (other blades can have them upon request). It is a stout and versatile blade that is great for personal protection and every day chores where a knife would be needed. The slight Tanto tip gives a great angle for stabbing, cutting and creating a hefty wound channel.

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