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RJ Stabby

Price: $250.00 (G10/Hybrid handle)

OAL: 7”

Handle length:

Blade length:

Thickness: .18-.20



Handle types: G10 and Hybrid (thin G10 wrapped in paracord) limited color options available for both handle types

Sheath: kydex sheath with inner felt lining, ambidextrous carry in the vertical or horizontal position

About the RJ Stabby

Named after my brother who is a police officer and Marine 0311 with multiple tours in Iraq. He is also a hunter and I wanted to make a blade that would be multi purpose and allow everything from stabbing slashing to skinning/gutting an animal. This blade has a slight belly which is convenient for skinning out animals as well as leaving a large wound cavity from a stab. I’m very happy to see that the RJ has unanimously been the chosen blade by my law enforcement customers.

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