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S.T.A. Shivvy

Shank You Very Much 

AS-Shivvy MOLLE Loop Compatible Carry Only



$165.00 for High-carbon (Standard model)

$175.00 for Stainless

OAL: 8”

Handle length:

Blade length:




Handle types: Paracord or G10

Sheath: Kydex 


About the AS Shivvy

Named after my close friend Arthur S. who asked me to make them based off the OSS/SOE shivs of WW2. The standard profile has no cutting edge and only acts as a stabbing instrument with its narrow body profile effective for getting in between obstacles many other wider blades may have trouble with. The Seax, Spear point and Sheeps foot tip add a 2” cutting edge to the blade profile for when a cutting edge is desired. To make this the best possible stabbing device there are 5 notches cut in the tang that are anchor points for the paracord to set so it holds firm and prevents the paracord from ever slipping. Right angles are rounded which increases strength especially in the tip. This has been a popular style carried by many service members and military contractors as the blade is narrow enough to fit in between Molle webbing and discreetly stashing on their vest. It comes with a kydex sheath specifically made to slide down a single column of Molle webbing by siding between the Molle loops and anchoring with 550 cord.

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