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MM Skinner

Price: Starts at $275.00 (G10 handle)


Handle length:

Blade length:




Handle types: G10 or wood/resin combo usually black ash or sycamore 

Sheath: kydex sheath with inner felt lining, ambidextrous carry in the vertical or horizontal position

About the MM Skinner

The MM Skinner is named after Mel M. Who has been in my life since I was born. Mel was born in the wrong century as he would have excelled as a hard ass cowboy or lawman in the 1800s. Mel served in the 101st Airborne in the early 60s and later became a police officer and held the position as chief for the Grass Valley Police Department in N. California. Mel was a fierce and die hard elk hunter who taught me all I needed to know about hunting this magnificent animal. I thought dedicating a skinner in his name was only fitting. 


This blade has a swooping belly making for accurate, clean and long cuts between the hide and the meat. The small tip allows for a reinforced point strong enough to get in between the hip sockets and pop that joint loose.

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