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S.T.A. Stabbies

Every Day Carry 

8 MODELS: MD • FD • Seax • RJ • TS • MO • CS • Stealth


Starting at $250.00 for High-carbon with G10 or Hybrid handles

Starting at $265.00 for Stainless with G10 or Hybrid handles


Stealth Stabby start at $75.00


The Stabbies are the back bone of STA Blades that I hope will continue to be the success of this company. These blades are specifically designed for every day carry. They are 7” overall length and include a kydex sheath with inner felt lining, ambidextrous carry in the vertical or horizontal position. The felt lining keeps the blade from being marred up by the kydex, adds a level of retention and a smooth draw and return to the sheath. 


All Stabbies (stealth not included) can be made from 80CRV2, stainless, San mai, Damascus or other high quality steel. 


The Stabby line is offered in different blade configurations designed to produce as large of an initial wound channel as possible by keeping the tips as strong and thick as possible. That’s why they are called Stabbies and not slashies. The tang and handles on the G10 handle version is grooved for added retention. The Hybrid handle option is G10 spacer wrapped in Paracord. Both handle versions are offered in a variety of colors when available. 


Optional handle material upgrades can be made when available. Prices are quoted upon request.

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