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MV Fighter

Price: Starts at $350.00


Handle length:

Blade length:




Handle types: G10 limited color options available

Sheath: kydex sheath with inner felt lining, ambidextrous carry in the vertical or horizontal position

About the MV Fighter

Named after my good friend Michael V who is a cyber security expert, gun enthusiast and always around to help me with business ideas. I wanted to show a little appreciation for what Mike has done for me. 


The MV Fighter is a full size Fighting knife with a slightly curved edge that forms into a slightly curved Tanto tip giving it a unique profile as well as an aggressive cutting edge and strong tip. This is a great knife for a gun belt or SHTF set up. This knife also features an integral guard which offers strong retention when stabbing as well as a thinner profile than most add on guards. The MV Fighter comes with a very rugged and practical leather/kydex sheath. The blade is encapsulated with a inner felt lined kydex sleeve that the leather is framed around with two holes lined at the bottom of the sleeve and kydex where Paracord is tan through and tied. This allows the kydex sleeve to be retained in the leather and prevent the blade from ever wearing through the leather as it is common to occur. The get lined kydex sleeve also acts as an added retention level in the event the retention snap is undone the knife will not easily fall out and be lost or injure the user.

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