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Stealth Stabby

Price: $75.00 (100% G10)


Handle length:

Blade length:

Thickness: .26-.30


Material:  G10

Handle types: Grooved

Sheath: kydex sheath with inner felt lining

About the Stealth Stabby

The Stealth Stabby is light weight, sharp, strong and made 100% without metal (including the sheath). This allows for a perfect carry option when weight is a factor. Great as a back up blade around the neck or in a backpack it will get the job done in a defensive deployment. The edges and tip of a G10 Stealth Stabby are not as strong as steel but it will hold up enough to save your ass if needed. The tip of the knives are finished with our enhanced tip which offers the strongest and thickest option for its size. The sheath and lanyard are designed to be worn around the neck or as a hasty waist band carry. They are a great option for those working in wet climates as they are obviously impervious to water. The cord wrapped handle ensures positive grip retention when used in extreme conditions. 


I may or may not have carried these on international travels where many locations have metal detectors and while not illegal, have company policies against allowing specific tools on the property. G10 will pass through metal detectors while Carbon Fiber will set them. The advantage to a carbon fiber stealth Stabbie versus metal is the weight reduction and fact that it is impervious to liquids and weather therefore will not rust over time compared to an unmaintained steel blade. 


Like all STA Blades, these are not meant to be used in any illegal manner like trying to bypass air port security/board an airplane or gain entry to any areas where weapons are PROHIBITED BY LAW. Carrying a knife comes with responsibility and it is the User’s duty to know the laws where you carry.

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